Better Education Experience with Digital Environment


For years education in Hong Kong has been stereotyped as feeding method, where teachers prepare educational materials, grade students’ work, and give feedback, and students learn from what they are provided. However, this kind of education is not effective at all. Teaching is restricted to the variation between the levels of students. Students, on the other hand, have been pushed through a “one-size-fits-all” type of learning, not personalised to their abilities and needs.

Application of Machine Learning in Education

The fast growing digital environment can help transform the learning experience of students. In a digitised classroom, teaching can be more personalised and provide far more effective learning. The tools are also affordable and easily accessible.

  1. Mobile learning provides access to learning while on-the-go

    As a new generation learner, I understand that we are always pressed for time, balancing between professional and personal priorities. We prefer learning in our own pace rather than being told what and when to do.
    Therefore, mobile learning is important when it comes to this point. We can learn what we need and what we are interested anytime, anywhere.


  1. Gamification makes the learner a game player, thus making learning fun, rewarding and possibly addictive

    I can never deny that playing is far more attractive than learning in piles of books. However, with more advanced technology, many learning-related games are made to make it more interesting than it should be.

    Game-based learning: ST MathMangahigh

  1. Dynamic scheduling matches students that need help with teachers that have time

    Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 11.34.36 PM.png

    Instead of sending emails to ask for help from tutors and professors, learners can schedule a meeting time with teachers that are available. This is more convenient compared to the traditional way.

    NewClassrooms uses learning analytics to schedule personalised math learning experiences.



Successful education requires understanding on the needs of the new generation. Digital learning will accelerate the responsiveness of learning and provide a more personalised learning. This acceleration will also encourage learners to be proactive in updating their knowledge and competencies. I believe it is important to discuss the potential of machine learning in different fields so as to bring out its implicit qualities in the future.






7 thoughts on “Better Education Experience with Digital Environment

  1. After reading your posts, I agree that digital environment can definitely help to improve the learning experience. Instead of creating questions platforms or learning mobile apps, the trend of VR/AR are showing that these technologies have potential to make the digital environment to reality. For example, the idea of simulating the lecture that user can attend the lecture by wearing VR glasses. Or the idea of simulating the Q&A session by using the AR technology. Therefore, digital environment can definitely help to improve the learning experience.


  2. I share with you that you point out the importance of digital environment when related to the education. The use of mobile phones does pose a positive influence on the self-learning process. With the convenience mobile phones and Internet are providing, people can easily be absorbed in their study any time and anywhere. You can make use of google searching engine to look through essays or texts you want, instead of monotonically following teachers’ schedules that you have learnt before or you are not able to catch up. However, it still has its drawback when it comes to the use of digital information for learning, as there may potentially have some untrue or inaccurate information on the Internet. Students, thus, should be careful to digest them.
    Learning with digital information ,undoubtedly, can enhance the efficiency of learning, while this kind cannot actually replace the school education with personality cultivation and communication being some proof of it. These can never be learnt from our electrical gadget.


  3. Thank you for your opinion on applying machine learning in education. Now it is a digital age, we even cannot live without Internet. Putting education into digital world brings lots of advantages, in addition to your example, I am thinking of some self-learning platforms, which allows students to do tests generated by systems, etc.

    However, it is not enough that only rely on digital learning. The traditional learning still has its advantages, so that the best way for education is the mix of two. Digital learning involved much less human-to-human interaction, one of the important things that “education” needs us to learn is how should we get along with people, communication skills is important in the society, these are harder to achieve with only digital learning.


  4. I also see you point of view about the education problems in Hong Kong. And it is without doubt using advanced technology in classroom could provide wide ranges of advantages in teaching and learning, especially boosting students’ motivation to learn.
    However, I think you misunderstood the term machine learning, which refers to the ability of the artificial intelligence to learn by itself. And in fact, schools nowadays are actually, already using mobile apps, computer games and online platform to provide different learning materials to students. To make use of machine learning in tailor-making individualized educational plan, we could develop programs that can evaluate students’ performance in tests and assignment by analyzing the data of their exams and homework over years, and give suggestions according to their strength and weakness. In this way, the machine learns by itself about the students’ abilities and weaknesses, and it solves the “one-size-fit-all” problems in Hong Kong education system.


  5. I agree with you that applying the technology of machine learning into the educational area can benefit students a lot. One of the examples of applying machine learning into other field is the automatic translation on the online platforms. The algorithm using machine learning learn about how words fit together and translate more accurately. With the help from it, people can translate one language to another language easily without asking real people help. This kind of translation not only help students but also the other public to understand the article written in other languages. Therefore, machine learning really can benefit all walks of life.


  6. Nowadays, education and digital environment are closely related. It is no doubt that “digital learning will accelerate the responsiveness of learning and provide a more personalised learning”. However, every coin has two sides. Let me talk about the drawbacks of Machine Learning in Education. (1) The concentration of learner will be lower. We all have an experience of using Mobile learning but we can ask ourselves how much time is really focusing on it. When a notification of Whatsapp pops up, we mostly click it and already distracted by it, (2) Fast learning process without deep understanding. Just like what you have mentioned, we can learn anytime and anywhere in digital environment. Then, we can get our desired answer or solution without out thoughtful thinking. At the end, it becomes feeding method too if learner do not understand what they have abstracted on the Internet.


  7. Thank you for your sharing. I don’t deny that learning in the digital environment is more interesting. In fact, I enjoy learning in the digital environment. I often watch videos on YouTube so as to have a better understanding of the topics. I think that with the hundreds of materials on the internet, we can choose the one that suits one’s learning pace and learning methods.
    Despite the benefits of learning in digital environment, I think the tradition learning is irreplaceable. Learning in schools involves more than just learning academic materials. We also learn our social skills, problem-solving skill while participating in extra-curriculum activities. Though digital environment may serve as a way of more effective, flexible learning, there are things that must be learnt in traditional learning.


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