“What is Human Information Interaction and why is it important to me?”

Human information interaction (HII) is a study that focuses on people’s relationship with information, rather than with technology (as in human-machine interaction). HII is inherently a multidisciplinary field, encompassing areas such as human-computer interaction (HCI) and computer-supported cooperative work (CSCW).

During the lectures, I have learned more about HII and the elements in it. The first thing I aware is that without HII, people can easily get confused if the information has get to the destination or not. HII can help us develop a better system and alleviate the three interrelated levels of communication problems (the technical, semantic and effectiveness problems). These studies can allow us to learn more about communication, so that we can help fix or even develop a better system in the future.

Besides, I am quite impressed by Shannon’s Information Theory where information is defined by a reduction in uncertainty and the change brought by informational energy is reduction in uncertainty. To me, information is an abstract term that does not have an actual meaning. However, the calculations of probability has quantified ‘information’. The concept of Entropy and information content made the calculations even more precise. Overall, it can allow us to understand and compare information in different cases more easily.

Lastly, in general, HII has brought benefits to build better communication systems. It can surely enhance our quality of life in many ways. For example, as a student, I can easily obtain knowledge through other people’s webpage and forums. As general citizen, I access different information from website and gain knowledge from all over the world. HII can improve social media and therefore is important to our daily lives.